My inner light, and a great salad

One of the best memorable spiritual experiences I ever had was when I was walking in the dark and had crossed a wooden bridge which led over a strong flowing creek in the bush of Huonbrook, NSW. I knew there was a board missing in the bridge, which I noticed when I was arriving earlier in the daytime. 

Now on the way home I had my hands full with things. I prayed and said I wish I could see now. It was as if a light came on in my aura as just for a brief moment I could see the first board of the bridge - there was just sufficient light. At first I thought it must have been a glowworm, but there was not the tell-tale second glow.

I sung the mantra of the shamanic school and I safely crossed the bridge and arrived at my destination in perfect time. Since then I firmly believe that I can see in the dark, and I can, really.

Another occasion of amazement struck me when I sat with my spiritual teacher (in physical life-body form) at the lunch table, where we met someone from a TV station in California. My teacher chose turkey, mandarin and almond salad. I had the known-to-me basic tuna salad.

While we were eating I really adored the turkey-almond-mandarin combination very much.
We talked about the possibility to do a documentary film in Tibet, very interesting indeed. Nevertheless the wish to taste some of this ingenius combination of turkey, almond and mandarin persisted. And then I could not believe my eyes, but it was a fact - just underneath the rim of my plate an almond and a mandarin appeared, perfectly arranged.

Really! For absolutely real. There was no, “Excuse me, could I have a piece of your lunch”, or any handing over a piece of food. No, not at all - it  really just appeared. Honest to God. This was the greatest proof that energy works in the mind in my life so far, as well as the most mysterious real-life fantastic one. Later my teacher explained that that was indeed telepathy combined with telekinesis as he was aware that I desired the almond and mandarin so much.

Since then I was more aware of the telekinesis I can induce. I am forever grateful to have met such a wonderful teacher.

From Uta Weidemeier. See

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