Vaginal orgasm and mental health

We all know a sexy walk when we see one, and now research has demonstrated a link between orgasmic health and the physiological and postural structures of the body. A recent Belgian study has examined the association between a history of vaginal orgasm and the experience of a woman inside her body and how she moves.

The study was set up with young women with known sexual histories of either being vaginally orgasmic or non-orgasmic walking down the street and being filmed and this was viewed by trained sexologists blind to this history. The sexologists were able to identify (with a 81% accuracy) the vaginally orgasmic women and the vaginally non-orgasmic women. Women with a history of clitoral orgasm (non penile-vaginal intercourse orgasms) were identified along with the non-orgasmic women. When this research is considered alongside the study linking vaginal orgasm and emotional maturity it shows the important health impacts of healthy sexuality.

The lingering question over this kind of research is:

  • Is it because of a certain emotional maturity that women are more naturally vaginally orgasmic and therefore have better relationships with their bodies and therefore are healthier?
  • Is it because they are healthier in their bodies with the correlating uninterrupted energy flows allowing deeper vaginal orgasms and are therefore more emotionally mature?
  • Or does it all begin as emotional maturity arising perhaps from a healthy connection with the father which research has shown is one of the key indicators for healthy sexuality in women?
  • Does it even have anything to do with what happens to girls and women as they grow up? Perhaps most adult sexual patterning arises from intra-uterine imprinting due to exposure to various environmental hormones and hormone mimics, as postulated in a great book called Our Stolen Future?

Fluidity of gait, the degree of being comfortable in their body, energy, freedom of movement, pelvic rotation, sensuality and the absence of flaccid or locked musculature were all indicators of a sexual aliveness connected to a history of vaginal orgasm.

While it is impossible to replicate this kind of research with men, largely because the difference between male orgasm and simply ejaculation is poorly understood and undocumented, it also make sense to draw similar conclusions regarding fluidity of gait, health and emotional maturity. Certainly women are far more sexually attracted to a fit and strong man with a fluidity to his gait and how he moves along with emotional maturity (if the woman can recognise it!) than to the officious little shop manager with his tight buns and little steps who is emotionally all over the place.

This study demonstrated the existence of a connection between musculature and sexual function which Wilhelm Reich theorised in the 1930s when he developed the Reichian approach to biological energy and sexuality and foreshadowed bioenergetics. Bioenergetics was pioneered by Alexander Lowen in the 70s and is widely known and used by therapists worldwide to release the psychological blocks manifesting as physical blocks and vice-versa. He was the one who first discovered that past trauma in the psychology is held in the body and could be released via creating stressful situations in the body. (This of course has been hijacked by the military whereby they use stressful positions as torture, but that is another topic altogether!)

Bioenergetics is often about using breath and sound to connect with our base, sexual energy, releasing old emotional holding patterns and becoming more alive sexually. which if we keep working on with our partner in turn releases whichever emotional pain we accumulate in our day to day lives of not having time or space to deal with issues as they arise.

In this way sexuality, if both partners are sufficiently tuned in and present, becomes a very powerful tool of healing and transformation, and it can also become the mind blowing internal journey that the trivialising media ignores (and clearly does not know anything about) much to our culture’s detriment.

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By Mark O'Brien

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Non retarded person. May 6, 2010 2:04am

That is some of the most stupid crap I have ever read, it is biased and non-factual.

"Is it because they are healthier in their bodies with the correlating uninterrupted energy flows" Oh I see now, it all makes perfect sense! Thank you for your unbiased scientific analysis.....

What kind of questions are those?

mark May 6, 2010 11:56am

Actually it is just a comment on research, factual or not is irrelevant. And I would have thought it to be fairly obvious actually that how a person walks is connected to their sexual aliveness - certainly the body feels very differently when you are having good sex than when you are having a dry spell.
Just posing questions rather than giving answers when I do not know them. What would be better questions, what is less biased, what is more factual?

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