Swine Flu exposed

A report by the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe into the Swine Flu pandemic released on June 4/10 (see) says that there was 'overwhelming evidence that the seriousness of the pandemic was vastly overrated by WHO'.

The presenter of the report, Paul Flynn, SOC, described the Swine Flu pandemic as 'the pandemic that never was' and that they way the H1N1 pandemic was handled led to a massive waste of public money and unjustified fears and anxiety within Europe. He said, "The tentacles of drug company influence are in all levels in the decision-making process… It must be right that the WHO is transparent because there has been distortion of priorities of public health all over Europe, waste of huge sums of public money and provocation of unjustified fear.”

The committee identified what it called “grave shortcomings” in the transparency of decision-making about the outbreak, generating concerns about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on decisions taken. Plummeting confidence in such advice could prove “disastrous” in the case of a severe future pandemic, it warned.

This report was prompted by German medical doctor and parliamentarian, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg who shared his views about how the WHO and big pharma may have been complicit in exaggerating the risks over the H1N1 pandemic.

Editor in chief of the British Medical Journal Fiona Godlee told the parliament that an investigation by her journal had discovered that key scientists, responsible for drawing up key WHO guidelines for the stockpiling of vaccines, had in fact previously been in the employ of the same pharmaceutical companies that stood to profit.

The specific guidance to the WHO on antivirals was written by Professor Fred Hayden who has confirmed that he was paid by Roche (the manufacturers of Tamiflu) for lectures and consultancy at the time the guidance to the WHO were published. The previous year he was a lead author in a Roche sponsored study asserting what was to become Roche's main selling point - its claim to reduce hospital admissions for flu by 60%. He had also been paid by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), manufacturer of Relenza, in 2002 for further consultancy.

Dr Arnold Monto authored the WHO annex dealing with vaccine usage in pandemics and had received consultancy fees from Roche and GSK, while Professor Karl Nicholson, credited with the WHO's influential work Pandemic Influenza, received sponsorship from both companies also.

Whilst it is not unusual for scientists to have industry links, and such links do not and should not necessarily proscribe their input into public health policy, what was unusual was that the WHO did not disclose these links in its seminal 2004 guidance advising countries to stockpile vaccines well in advance. Approximately $US7billion was spent worldwide on these vaccines.

The UK alone spent over $1billion pounds, (approx $AU2.2billion) on stockpiling these vaccines (110 million doses, of which only 6 million were used), while Australia spent $500 million and the Australian Government is still vigorously promoting widespread vaccination for children and the elderly. Nurses who may be exposed to children and other vulnerable patients are required to have the Swine Flu vaccine with its accompanying health side effects. The author's sister, a midwife, experienced nausea and flu-like symptoms for two weeks after she had her compulsory vaccination.

Swine flu 5% as deadly as seasonal flu

The WHO gives worldwide updates on the numbers of people killed by Swine Flu (see) which currently stands at 17,853, verses the figures for seasonal influenza, also published by the WHO (see) which vary between 250-500,000 deaths worldwide.

An interesting part of this story is that Poland, which refused to buy any Swine Flu vaccinations, had half the number of deaths per million as the UK, with its expensive program, did. see Poland's internal swine flu fight

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A letter from a chemist

I'm a qualified pharmacist. I've been researching the swine flu vaccine that our government has bought for us (using our money, by the way) and it's DANGEROUS AS. Its easy a hundred times more dangerous than the swine flu itself, IMO.

Something that freaked me out is that several swine flu vaccine manufacturers have asked governments to give them an exemption from lawsuits, in case the vaccine caused harm in people. If you made a vaccine that you knew worked, then why would you need a legal exemption in case it hurt people? Massive warning sign. They don't believe its safe.

The swine flu itself has killed about 2/3000 people total. The regular flu kills 40 000 plus per year – so why are we freaking out about swine flu, and not normal flu? Does that make sense? No.

If the regular flu kills 40 000 plus per year, and the swine flu only killed 2/3 000 – then why are governments buying it in advance, giving it to us for free, and giving drug manufacturers immunity to legal cases against them? Does that make sense? No.

The swine flu vaccine contains 2 horribly dangerous compounds – one is called thimerosol. It is made 50% of mercury. It binds to receptors in your brain, and basically causes brain damage. Is it smart to be injected with thimerosol, and get brain damage, dropping 10 IQ points and going dumb, in order to avoid getting a flu that kills 95% less people than regular flu? No.

The other horrible ingredient is called squalene. Squalene accidentally tricks your immune system into killing your own cells, which creates autoimmune diseases like asthma, multiple scelerosis, diabetes, and a bunch of diseases that we don't have a name for yet (because squalene hasn't been used for that long, and we have little data on its effects) – is is smart to inject yourself with that stuff, in order to avoid a relatively mild flu, like the swine flu? No.

If you're a pregnant mother about to take Panvax, ask yourself this – why would you take Panvax, when it contains Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfate – both of which exhibit positive risk to unborn children – so as to avoid what? A mild flu, that kills 95% fewer people than the regular flu?

Look, I'm a funny guy. Yeah, I make good Facebook groups. People join them by the thousands, and laugh. But I'm also a qualified pharmacist. I scored in the top 0.1% of my state in school. I'm expert at critical analysis of drugs and their effects on humans. And let me be blunt – if someone came up to me with a syringe full of swine flu vaccine, or came near my family with one – I would take the needle off them and poke them with it myself – followed by several very hard punches.

This stuff is poison. Don't take it. Don't let your friends take it. Don't let your family take it. If some idiot in a lab coat asks you if you want it, ask them about thimerosol, squalene, and why the company making it wants legal exemption from being sued, and watch their face go into “omg I'm being asked serious questions that I don't have the answer to” mode.

George Mamouzellos
Bachelor of Pharmacy
University of South Australia

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By Mark O'Brien

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