The Feminine Way

Recently I was blessed to have an extraordinary experience, in the presence of a most extraordinary being…

Apart from her greetings and salutations, the first sentences Sofia Diaz spoke made almost no sense. I felt uncomfortable and out of my depth. Nothing within me seemed to be receiving the message she was delivering and as I scanned my fellow audience members for signs of recognition, my discomfort grew. I concluded that they too felt the same way.

“Poor Sofia” my mind projected. “How embarrassing for you. We just don’t get it!”

Sofia proceeded with incredible grace.

“You see, almost everyone right now is conceptualizing from the masculine mind,” she said (according to my basic translation)… “the room, this building, the way the chairs are rowed, the way you are all facing m; has been devised by a masculine force. It requires effort for me to connect with that space. Ideally, I would never speak and express my love and divinity through my body. I would much prefer to dance for you.”

“No part of your body is by chance” she continued. “ You are consciousness expressed in form. How deeply seated into your backside are you now? Do you really know what it feels like to be supported by gravity?”

As Sofia continued with a remarkably, evolved vocabulary, snippets of her words captured me then I was suddenly lost again. My internal dialogue grew increasing negative. Frustrated and uncomfortable my mind concluded, “Some people and their messages we just don’t resonate with, ‘cause I am simply not getting it!”

At that point, I experienced phenomena within my being, which had never occurred before.

On my chest appeared a window, which instantaneously flew open. As if a precious organ personified, the voice of my heart traveled out of the window.

Firmly though lovingly, my heart spoke… “Well I’m getting it.”

I was stunned. My mind was silenced. My mind was blown. My heart could actually speak.

From that moment on I have no idea of the time which passed as I experienced what was to follow.

I actually began to fall into the core of my body. As the falling sensation accelerated I panicked in an effort to ‘conceptualise’ what was going on. I had absolutely no idea and it was terrifying.

Again my heart lovingly commanded me to “Let go with it” and I thankfully obeyed in full trust.

When the long journey of falling subsided, it was as if I had really landed in a foreign land…my body.

I had existed for so long in my head, that belonging in my body felt so incredibly brand new. I was without thought. I could not speak even if I tried. What was most profound however, was that I could not move; my limbs, my torso, my toes…not even my tongue. I felt totally relaxed. I felt totally at peace.

In my new awareness my eyes turned towards the stunning Sofia. I was suddenly alive to a sensation throughout my being of receiving fully the message Sofia was there to deliver! It was as if I was an energetic mass of unpolluted matter having a complete set of data being downloaded into it Although my mind still understood very little of what she said, my body’s intelligence felt what she said. I felt what she was. I felt what she is. She is the Divine…We are the Divine.

As a result of my experience, I have been opened to another way of listening and learning. A new way of receiving the fullness of another Being’s knowledge and wisdom. An evolved way of communicating where information is transferred instantaneously and effortlessly from one lovingly open Being, to another. A way in which mastery is taught with no words spoken.

My masculine way concludes this to be… the feminine way.

Sofia, thank you. I love you.

Author unknown. For more information about Sofia Diaz, visit

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