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The followiing is an interview conducted for the Here & Now magazine with Israeli-born enlightened teacher, Tyohar, in Byron Bay circa 1999.
Tyohar does not fit the usual guru sterotype - he is young, handsome, funny, a techno DJ (which Israeli isn't?), and has a touch of iconoclasm about him.

H&N: What led up to your enlightenment?
Tyohar: What is leading to enlightenment is not personal. Investigation, inquiry, exploration is happening to the very depth with full and profound sincerity. How it is exactly taking place is different for everybody. That is this exploring, investigating towards truth. Inquiry that is coming from a deeper space, which wants to go beyond limitation.

H&N: Can you tell me about your moment of your enlightenment? Was it, as we imagine, the big explosion and all trips disappear?
Tyohar: Yes! (laughter) Within your question is the answer.

H&N: Has your relationship to Osho changed?
Tyohar: Changed? Love was there before also. So, the love that happens afterwards is not a change; it was there before but the depth, the form, the gratitude that was there all the time, took the deepest way possible. Because in that moment you become one there is no more duality, you become one with everything in this universe. And with the master you become one. Different bodies but the beings dissolve. So, it is not even a love relationship anymore. Because there is no one to love and there is no one to be loved. Oneness, is perhaps the deepest form of love.

H&N: Are you part of a new line of masters using unorthodox techniques, like dancing to techno music or silent gatherings around the pool side?
Tyohar: I just share the way I know, and life brought me through this techno dancing, meditation in a different way. Life has expanded to bring more people in it. The truth sharing itself in many different ways. I haven't put this title over me that this is a new line, this is just the area that we live in. That is the way it is happening; I'm just letting it happen. I have no idea when this retreat is starting, when I'm coming to Satsang, what is going to happen, where it is going to take us. That's why there aren't so many rules around, only one deep sincere request and that is to be in silence, because to that everything comes.

H&N: What's your vision for your new community in Costa Rica?
Tyohar: The vision is also based on the potential that we have, that can actualise itself. The potential of many people bringing their totality into an energy field that is fully supported by beautiful nature. Some energy field can happen which will turn everything into magic. In that kind of commune is a better chance for the potential to fully expose itself. It's not a escape from society, just a letting go of a conventional way of living which is not supporting the silence to happen.

H&N: Are you planning to be there all year round?
Tyohar: There's not much I can do about this virus of travelling.

H&N: Just like Osho you're surrounded by women who do the organising - are they better at it then men and how do you see men and women functioning in your commune?
Tyohar: I feel men and women are balancing around me. It seems there are always more women coming to see me. They are more receptive. In my vision I don't see the people around me as men or women. I see the energy field, and the consciousness expresses sometimes as men or women. But in there no division happens.

H&N: I noticed a lot of new enlightened men. Are we soon going to see also more enlightened women?
Tyohar: I disagree with that. I guess not every enlightened being is sharing the truth. But by our very nature man is outgoing and woman is ingoing. So for men, once realising truth it is easier to go out, that is for good and bad. For a woman it would be difficult, as some aggression is needed to be a master, and woman don't have so much aggression. Once going out men has the capacity, for going in women has the better starting point.

H&N: What where the difficulties that the ashram in Pune had with you?
Tyohar: I guess fear is the essence of that. I don't see any need for any master to go there. That place is the Osho Commune International and that's the beauty of that place. Every master has to start fresh and create an energyfield.

H&N: Is that maybe one of the reason why he hasn't claimed any successor so that all the enlightened sannyasins create their own Buddhafield?
Tyohar: No Buddha has a successor. Truth is not something that you can inherit, no master will show truth in the same way. All are sharing the same truth, but once manifesting in form, the form is bound to be different in each other, and having a successor would mean that this successor would have to teach according to the form of Osho. That is impossible. All you can do is be yourself and some people get attracted and others not. No successor can happen to any Buddha.  

H&N: The end of the millennium - is this a special time? Consciousness seems to be expanding and enlightenment happening to many. Why?
Tyohar: I'm not sure that enlightenment is happening to many more, no one knows that for sure. Always for the people who are exploring the world of spirituality, the more they are exploring, the more they hear about enlightened people. That doesn't mean that it is happening more than before.  The world has become a Global Village. Within seconds you can have information from the other side of the world. And this helps to spread also messages of spirituality.   
And about the millennium. Man has created time, has put it onto eternity so that the mind will be able to grasp it. But in timelessness there is no new millennium happening. In timelessness this moment is as precious as any other moment. Here and now has no date.

H&N: What can an enlightened master on a retreat do that a therapist can't do?
Tyohar: This question has be asked visa versa. The master is not a doer, he simply is, and that not skills or practice can replace. It's an energy field and his very presence is helping people to transform. Therapy is a cleansing of the emotional, instinctive, and intellectual centres. And once some clarity is there, one can go beyond those centres, one can use the intelligence to absorb the beyond. It's going beyond forms, techniques, practice, any kind of effort.

H&N: One last question. Is there anything that you like to say to me personally?
Tyohar: Every I just said was personally for you. Without you no words would come. Any person that'll read this can take this personally. In satsang I speak very personal to many because truth is beyond you and me. Truth is where we meet, where we are one and we are disappearing into each other. Is there maybe something that you would like to tell me?

H&N: No, except maybe that I feel really good being here with you.
Tyohar: You're welcome, whenever.

To find out more about Tyohar and his commune in Costa Rica, visit

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