A little old lady

A little old lady was walking among the mansions in California and she walked along, she passed the mansions and each one was more beautiful than the other. She then got to this one mansion with many trees around it and she noticed that when she passed the first tree, there were two people making love under it.

She paid it no mind until she passed the second tree.

She saw two more people making love under it. When she got to the third tree and saw the third couple f making love under it, she decided to ring the doorbell of the mansion to see what was going on. She rang the door and a woman answered.

She said to the woman, "What's going on? Why is everyone making love under the trees? I didn't mind when I passed the first tree or the second, but this is absurd. What's going on?"

The woman said, "Well, this is a whore house ... we're having a yard sale."

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