Grace Underwood

Transformational counselling, psychotherapy and trancework imageTransformational counselling, psychotherapy and trancework

Grace is the originator of Essence Healing™, a gentle but profound process which gets to the very root of whatever is showing up in your life that is creating suffering or difficulty. By bypassing the conscious mind, deep healing of longstanding emotional patterns stored at a cellular level can occur, including Generational Healing. 

This happens naturally, gently and easily allowing the nervous system to relax, bringing a profound sense of peace and well-being so you can be more of who you really are – more present, more alive, more powerful, more real, more whole.

Individual sessions, programs and groups. Ph: 6680 3436.

Grace Underwood practises: Hypnotherapy | Psychotherapy | Spiritual work | The Work of Byron Katie | Workshops, seminars | Healers | Counselling

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