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I was in extreme despair with suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, my doctor finally referred me to Stephanie (Yatra). She directed me in a psychodrama with my wounded inner child and then gave me a Spiritual Healing. I experienced a beautiful luminous golden, then white light, filling my entire body with utter serenity. I also felt a lovely warmth fill my chest area. Then I saw a purple light swirling in my 3rd eye and a sense of my  crown chakra being somehow blessed or energised.

I then received an 'inner voice message' that instructed me to always be loving to myself and others. I felt I was in the presence of some kind of holy being or angel and I left this session actually singing with an unimagined joy in my heart. For the following weeks and months I felt great and often caught myself 'whistling a happy tune'. I must say that this hour that I spent with Yatra, would have to be the best hour of my entire life so far!  
 Michael B. -  Film Director.
I was referred to Yatra by another GP, who has also loved the results from her sessions. I had suffered severe digestive problems and had tried all manner of remedies over a 15 year period, none of which really helped. I was astonished when, after the very first holy light session with Yatra, I awoke the next morning with the physical problems simply disappeared! After 3 years, those symptoms have not returned, and remarkably, I have also become a much more peaceful and gentle person, as if my personality was softened by this holy light and sound current. Since that day, I have continued to refer my own patients to this truly amazing woman.   
 Doctor Mary - medical practitioner.
I visit Yatra for assistance whenever I have general life stress or relationship problems. I have loved partaking of all of her methodologies, whether it be the revealing psychoart sessions; the fun, empowering, uplifting psychocabarets with my feminine-masculine archetypes; the Jungian sandplay; the family of origin or adult relationship psychodramas; and the psychotherapeutic dreamwork.

Probably the most miraculous sessions have been where she channels the “Essence of Source”, where I usually go into a state of utter ecstasy! This has literally 'spiritually awakened' me to the beauty and magnificence of my own soul. Since those sessions, I have never felt lonely again. I feel a constant blessing of light with me and I am now living in a state of contentment and gratitude every day. I highly recommend Yatra as being the most qualified, skilled therapist and gifted healer that I have ever known.     
Joy J. -  artist, musician, singer, creativity counsellor.

Stephanie Yatra Hurst
MA. Trans. Psy; BA. Psy; Psydr.Dir; OT. Dip; AAYM

Medicare and private health refunds available.

For more information and to arrange a session, visit Yatra's website:  

Stephanie Yatra Hurst practises: Psychology | Psychotherapy | Rebirthing | Spiritual healing | Healers | Counselling | Past Life Regression Therapy


Alan Lauer June 17, 2010 7:06pm

Stephanie (YATRA) Hurst led my men’s group in a series of evenings devoted to exploring, healing and enlivening the Masculine Archetypes via Psychodrama Psychotherapy. Many years ago, I had the opportunity of experiencing psychodrama by some very gifted therapists while living in Boulder, Co. in the USA.

Based on my previous experience, I can say unequivocally that Stephanie displayed a high level of skill in facilitating each of us into a deep and meaningful experience around early, unresolved moments of life's inevitable pain, grief, or trauma. Stephanie displayed a high level of sensitivity and creativity, whilst also creating lots of safety for each man to delve into the deeper realms of the psyche. I observed several of my friends experiencing life altering realisations about themselves.

Alan Lauer: Youth Worker

Karima A. Hinterleitner June 29, 2010 6:47pm

I have the fondest memories of psychodrama sessions with you, with holy light in the second half of the session. You are very skilled, and the specific techniques you are using are powerful and effective. I personally loved both psychodrama and the holy light and especially in that combination. The psychodrama sessions were very helpful and allowed me to heal, release, balance and understand more about my own psyche. I experienced issues being resolved and it brought healing to my outer relationships.

For me, you have a very special skill of facilitating psychodrama with you reversing roles and playing the other person and repeating my expressions, in such an insightful and intelligent way. I feel that psychodrama is a fantastic tool for healing and a great skill for psychotherapy. I appreciate the depth of your experience, your professionalism, your knowing of the psyche. I always felt very safe with you and well taken care of. The experience of the holy light was great. It often allowed a space of insight and understanding to arise. It was a very gentle and enjoyable experience. Regarding your directing of Sacred Theatre public performances, I would say your work is very insightful and it is great to learn about astrology and archetypes through watching.

From Karima A. Hinterleitner: Spiritual therapist and meditation teacher, accredited Journey practitioner, diploma in remedial massage and aromatherapy, extensive training in metaphysics, energy work and energy reading, Oneness Blessing giver.

Kelly Stone July 21, 2010 2:39pm

I feel I can’t even begin to describe in words, the way I feel about Stephanie Yatra Hurst. From that very first consultation I had with Stephanie when I was in my early twenties, caught in an unbearable depression, I felt a shift: a change of perception within myself that really set me on my healing journey. I had had other forms of therapy, but Stephanie’s techniques and experience worked on a much deeper level. I was able to bring to the surface and release for good: my deep pain, through the creative psychotherapy processes of psychodrama and her holy light healings.

Stephanie is the founder and director of the International Institute for Creativity Psychotherapy, Sacred Theatre and Spiritual Psychology, and with Stephanie’s encouragement and astute directing and teaching, I completed my Masters Training in Creativity Counselling and Therapeutic Theatre. I learned about the creative techniques of psychodrama, psychoart, psychodance, psychocabaret, mythological theatre and puppetry therapy, which allowed me to express myself; to find out what was happening in the unconscious and unlock what needed to be healed. Learning and working with the archetypes in Sacred Theatre was so powerful and enjoyable that it brought an integration within myself and a real empowerment to my being.

It is an honour that I share with you the profound impact Stephanie (Yatra) has had on my life. Stephanie always encouraged the practice of meditation and now I understand why. The love, compassion and the wisdom that has arisen within me from this practice has given my life so much depth and meaning. I am forever grateful Stephanie (YATRA) came into my life.

Love and light, Kelly S, client and student.

Jade November 10, 2010 5:24pm

After spending many years visiting countless psychologists that were not attuned to determining my mental needs and providing me with successful treatment, I was almost ready to give up! That was until I started therapy sessions with Yatra 'Stephanie Hurst'. She is non-judgemental, intuitive and displays profound mental and emotional intelligence that when combined with her years of professional experience in psychology results in highly effective therapy. Therefore, it is no wonder that she was previously sought after and chosen to be the World Health Organisation Expert Consultant for the Pacific region.

It was a fortunate and life changing event in my life to have Yatra's help. Her skills as a psychologist are certainly unique and hard to find, albeit sometimes unconventional. However, I have always felt safe and in a better state both physically and mentally after every session.

Although I come from a logical and structured background in science, Yatra has helped me to develop and integrate this with my spiritual connection, creating a wholeness strategy for my life. I wish psychologists of her calibre could abound more in the psychology profession, as I believe it would increase the rate of effective treatment in clients.

Regards, Jade (Y.L.) B.Sc. Molecular Biology & Genetics, Hons 1st Class (Immunology). Current PhD Candidate in Ethnopharmacognosy (Drug Discovery & Toxicology).

Excerpt of an email I sent to Yatra: "It was such a lovely pleasure having you as our therapist. Thank you! You have helped me more than I can express, someone who has definitely left an imprint in my life and changed things for the better. I can also see a remarkable difference in Robert, it has made things easier for us in growing our relationship and the improvement is great for our trust. He understands himself better and seems more focused.

You bring light and love to those who meet you on their life's journey. I hope that the inspiration you've offered me will bring good things to fruition and that I can learn to be an implement of Divine Will for the good of all concerned. You are so beautiful". - Jade.

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