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Black Onyx – Base Chakra - To Cleanse Negativity and Feel Safe

Black onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, meaning that its crystalline structure may only be viewed under a microscope. Black onyx is smooth, shiny, and opaque black in colour. Onyx occurs in many colours, often banded, from white through yellow to red, brown, and black.

Black onyx has traditionally been used for cabochons and beads for jewellery, and is carved to make intaglios (incised seals) and cameos (seals with a raised, often two-tone image). 

Onyx is usually thought of as being a material used for making household items such as lamp bases and ashtrays, but in fact this is erroneous, as it is actually a different crystal known as banded calcite which is being used.

Black crystals such as onyx work well with the base chakra, which relates to your sense of safety and security, to your connection to the real world and to your relationship with your father and physicality.

Black onyx is grounding - it helps you to transform your creations from being 'just an idea' into reality, and it also absorbs negativity and worry.

Blow on your black onyx crystals and jewellery before and after wearling or using, to release absorbed negativity. You can also place by your bed to aid restful sleep.

Using black onyx is an easy way to reduce stress and eliminate negativity so you feel good. You might like to try Jelila's crystal necklaces – the Detox necklace includes black onyx, with garnet and tiger's eye – helping you to feel stable and secure as you wear it, and aiding confidence and success in realising your creations!

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By Jelila Torrington

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