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Carnelian is a mineral which ranges in colour from light yellow through orange to red/brown to an intense dark almost black. It is a kind of chalcedony – these are minerals which form from microscopic crystals held in a gel form, which then solidify to form blobby masses. Hence, Carnelian is found as rounded tumbled stones and is cut as cabuchons for jewellery.

Rings of carved carnelian were used in ancient Rome to imprint wax seals for important documents. Carnelian was also used in decorative arts in the Bronze Age (c. 6,000 BC) settlement of Knossos on Crete, as well as in Ancient Egypt.

Carnelian is a wonderful crystal with very positive and useful properties – it tends to slow energy down a little, bringing a calming effect, it helps you to focus, and it has a gentle and positive vibe. You can wear it in jewellery or have it near you and it will ground you, and also help to attract positive opportunities to you. Rest with it on your sacral chakra (lower belly) which relates to cash, relationships, and flow, to attract positivity to you.

Blow on your Carnelian crystals and jewellery before and after using it, to release absorbed negativity.

Using Carnelian is an easy and natural way to attract positivity and luck. You can try Jelila’s crystal necklaces – the abundance necklace includes carnelian, citrine and red agate – helping you to feel grounded and centred and to pull opportunities to you in a positive and calm way!

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By Jelila Torrington

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